Why Join Me Under the Gazebo?

If you are a curious person who is interested in continually learning, improving, and succeeding in business and technology areas then you should join me under the gazebo for some interesting conversation. I think it was Einstein who said “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” I took this thought to heart early in my life and still have this wonderful affliction. The more I learn, the more amazing life becomes. There is always somebody doing something incredible and it delights me when I am lucky enough to find them.

Under the Gazebo you will get the early scoop on what I find as the most fascinating and useful developments in the world of business management, communication, sales, human development, and technology. My students, readers, and clients know me as an expert in entrepreneurship, small business, and M&A, which is true. But they may not know that I also have expertise in business communication, personal finance, advanced technology, and research that I will talk about here as well.

I am continually learning new things and gaining new insights that I plan to share first here with you and other community members. After that, it may make its way into a book, article, video, or webinar that will be shared with those outside of the immediate community. Or it may not. But as a member of this community, you will get it first and, even better, help direct its development, and share you own insights! How cool is that? My students and clients get direct access to me, and now you can too! And to each other as well! Now, that sounds like fun to me.

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You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. That’s right! Before anyone else, you will be informed not only with the facts but the valuable insights that come from Ed’s over 40 years of working in the technology world. Facts are fine, but they are just that, facts. They only become useful and actionable knowledge when processed through the lens of experience.

Join the Gazebo crew

Here is the part I really love: YOU get to be part of the team that helps to steer me as I dig into new topics. Through our discussions, you can help me see topics through your lens which adds new dimensions to how I think and what I will create. Be part of a community of people who share your interests. And if you join now it is FREE! All you need to provide is a valid e-mail address (minimum) and you are in. Naturally, including your name and professional area of interest will help me target topics that are of most interest to you!

Why BizDoctor’s Gazebo?

I picture this space as a place where friends gather to talk about common interests. Sort of like getting together in a back yard under a gazebo on a summer afternoon. Drinks optional.

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