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Welcome! Great to see you! This is THE place to find new and useful tips that will make you a more successful leader and communicator, especially if you work in a remote environment.

I’m sort of obsessed with business management, organizational communication, and technology, (and coffee) and am continually learning new things that offer new insights into my lifetime of amazing business experiences. My goal is to pass information and insights onto you here that you can use to further your own success!

Why these three? Because they intersect in remote work environments. Organizations are more successful when they are effectively managed. Well done organizational communication is needed to effectively manage. Technology is the backbone over which communication happens, especially in remote work environments.

Management, communication, and technology topics are intertwined and each is evolving at a breakneck pace. Keep up to date on all three here!

Why listen to me? Because I’m the BizDoctor! (A little “Dr. Who” reference there.) Ok. Seriously. I started working with advanced technology over 40 years ago after completing my undergraduate degree in electronic engineering and my graduate degree in structural engineering at U of I Chicago. The next 10 years took me through several Silicon Valley startups including Seagate Technology and Plantronics where I worked in sales, marketing, and engineering management positions. An MBA from UT Austin and a PhD from Indiana State University in Technology Management firmly planted me in the egghead realm, teaching management at DePaul University, consulting, and authoring books.

I like really do love this stuff and am usually reading several books at the same time. The linkages between the topics and how they can be used by you today is what I will share with you here!

You can think of me a your shortcut to new ideas that you don’t have the time to discover on your own.

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What’s in it for you? The best thing you can do for your career (and your brain it turns out) is to keep learning. If you are interested in continually growing, improving, and succeeding in communication, business, technology, and remote work areas, then you should be here in The Gazebo.

I think it was Einstein who said “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” which I took to heart early in my life and still have this wonderful affliction. The more I learn, the more amazing life becomes and the more I want to learn. There is always somebody doing something incredible and it delights me when I am lucky enough to discover and share these finds with you.

Why A Gazebo?

A gazebo is a place where folks gather to talk about community interests. Sort of like getting together with neighbors in the back yard on a summer afternoon. Drinks optional.

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Ed Paulson, PhD, MBA, is an experienced manager, entrepreneur, author, consultant, and professor. His career spans over 40 years working in places like Silicon Valley, Austin, and Chicago. He can’t solder to save his life, but he does a solid job of integrating his education with his diverse work experience to offer hot, practical tips that you can apply today!

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